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Consumer Marketing Insights Manager

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Job Description

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Required


  • Qualifications


  1. Required: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Psychology or Sociology, 
  2. Preferred: Master’s in Business Administration, Psychology, or Sociology



  • Essential Skills, Attributes, and Abilities


  1. Strong analytical skills to sort through complex data and draw reasonable, logical conclusions
  2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills to work closely with Marketing, IRD, Agencies, and Consumers
  3. Having a passion for Market Research and willing to roll up his / her sleeves and dive into details.
  4. Computer software tools / analytical tools commonly used in Market Research



  • Experience
  1. 5-8 Years with at least 4 years in Consumer Insights & Marketing Research with a specialist market research agency / Market Research department of a blue chip FMCG organization.  Familiar with most commonly used qualitative and quantitative research methodologies both syndicated and customized.




Principal Accountabilities / Responsibilities


  • Job Purpose:



  1. Manage research activities to provide accurate and timely market and competitor information and recommendations for management, strategic and operational decision making.



  • Principal Responsibilities:



  1. Plan, prioritize, and manage research projects within established budgets and deadlines. The purpose of studies may be to measure current, and forecast future, market activity and consumer trends; conduct primary consumer research; identify new market opportunities; analyse competitor activities; or evaluate the success of the organisation’s marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns. 
  2. Manage the most complex, large, or difficult research projects; evaluate findings, prepare reports and make recommendations to senior management about the implications of alternative sales, marketing, and business development strategies. 
  3. Select, and manage ongoing relationships with, external research agencies and consultants to ensure the organisation receives satisfactory standards of service. 
  4. Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop market research staff to ensure that the team’s resources are used effectively and that work schedules and targets are met.
  5. Research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas to determine potential sales of a product or service and contributes data to the Marketing Director and Brands Team. 
  6. Organize information to assist in analyzing future products and make recommendations for the development of new products or services. 
  7. May provide guidance to marketing, sales and trade marketing team in order to understand consumer insights.
  8. Work closely with Category Planning & Activation (CP&A) to develop strategies that facilitate in achieving distribution efficiency on trade level.
    • Develop an understanding on how the CP&A divisions collaborate with the Marketing division for understanding how tertiary sales are taking place on retail.
    • Effectively use retail audit data to constantly guide and highlight areas of improvement for NFL CP&A to focus on.
    • Keep a check on general and modern trade by physically visiting outlets on a periodic basis for the purpose of data validation.
  9. Collect, compile, verify, and analyse information from internal and external sources (for example, market, demographic, economic, and other financial data) in order to develop recommendations about the implications of alternative sales, marketing, and business development strategies. 
  10. Maintain a database of market and competitor data as a source of accurate and up-to-date information for market studies.
  11. Plan, develop and organize marketing campaign evaluative studies which broadly cover ATL and BTL impact assessments to gather quality checks on such activities through a proven scientific & methodical process.
    • Possess thorough knowledge of what the campaign aims to achieve and the potential market it may capture.
    • Maintain and manage good relations internally with other cross functional stakeholders in marketing and the involved agency.
    • Manage transparency between the BTL / ATL / creative and the research agency by limiting the flow of data/information on a ‘need to know’ basis only.
    • Oversee the assignment of duties to agency executives for the specific campaign.
    • Ensure through spot checks / back checks whether the committed level of reach has been met by the research agency.
    • Visit the campaign / activity to ascertain standards being met.
  12. Conduct ad-hoc and scheduled training sessions in collaboration with Sales Capability for sales force team on retail and consumer tracking data in order keep them abreast with how their brands are performing w.r.t. competition.
    • Prepare comprehensive category overview presentations from the point of view of depicting region wise performance of all key brands on a time-cumulative and month-on-month trended basis.
    • Clearly focus on explaining the definition of all numerical facts being employed in the presentation at each step to help Sales/Stakeholders maintain a relative understanding with internal intelligence and market relevance.
    • Plan objective and focused market visits with research agency field force and company sales force to enforce/work on points highlighted in the data presentation sessions.
    • Prepare minutes in coordination with the agency and share with all respective stakeholders post exercise so as to get everyone to follow the best practices/recommendations put forth by the agency in line with company SOPs.


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