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Augere – UK

At the time we started our business in Pakistan we appointed the Chief Executive of Talent Experts International to take on our search requirement, At every stage of the assignment from proposal to successful completion we were impressed with his professionalism, client commitment and willingness to add value to Augere, He has successfully recruited a quality senior team for Augere Pakistan from CEO to all department head. We are still working with Talent Experts International and will continue to maintain this win-relationship in future.
At the time we started our business in Pakistan we appointed the Chief Executive of Talent Experts…

3M Pakistan

Talent Experts International is backed up with a team of dependable professionals. When you are looking for a consultant to support your organization's resourcing objectives, the differential factor is the response time and quality of share profile. This is where Junaid and his team can add value as they have developed net work within the market across industry. Expertise, commitment and true partnership that is what you will be entitled to when doing business with Talent Experts International.
Talent Experts International is backed up with a team of dependable professionals. When you are looking for…


Talent Experts International (TE), a team of dedicated and certified Human Resource Professionals with a mission of transforming lives through their robust interventions and expertise in the area of Corporate Training, NLP Personal Breakthrough Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, LEGO® Serious Play® and Executive Search and Selection, was established in November 2009.

TE believes in building and maintaining valuable partnerships with organizations, business executives and individuals by offering swift, modified and result-oriented HR Solutions while maintaining the utmost level of confidentiality.


We offer customized learning interventions, NLP Personal Breakthrough Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, and Executive Search solutions. Our portfolio of services also demonstrates mutually rewarding business partnerships with our valued clientele:

Learning Interventions!

Our Highly Engaging and Meaningful Learning Interventions are:

  1. MERI-MILKIYAT – (Ownership – A Road to Excellence!)
  2. LEGO® Serious Play® workshop Designing and Facilitation
  3. Selling with Pride
  4. Impactful Business Communication

Inspiring Sales Conferences!

  1. Reaching My Purpose through LEGO® Serious Play®
  2. Winning Attitude with NLP Mantra (Incantation)
  3. Accelerated Growth
  4. Selling With PRIDE
  5. Kar Har Maidaan Fatah!

Mindfulness Meditation!

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Pause to become unstoppable.


 Transforming lives and helping people achieve their peak performance to produce empowering results through certified NLP tools and techniques by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and LEGO® Serious Play®

NLP Personal Breakthrough Coaching: (12-Hours Intervention)

  • Create a new empowering decision of your life
  • Unleash your power for success and happiness!
  • Remove painful emotions such as anger, sadness, hurt, regret, fear, guilt, betrayal.
  • Clear limiting beliefs to move forward and achieve your purpose with inner peace

Career and Business Coaching through LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP):

LSP core process is based on a relevant question, where you will build your own creation to symbolize your thoughts and opinions about your career or business through facilitated thinking.

Using Lego bricks, you will be able to contribute by sharing the meaning of your creation through story-making. As the questions probe deeper, hands will become the search engine for the subconscious brain, tapping into the creative minds, which will enable you to communicate more effectively to engage your imaginations with increased confidence, commitment, and insights.


  1. Executive Search
  2. Talent Mapping
  3. Bulk Hiring
  4. Outplacement


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