ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR THE JOB? – A Writeup on Recruitment from a 14 years old girl. (Sasha)

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What’s the single most important thing whilst applying for a vacancy? ….Reading carefully!

When you’re applying for a vacancy, make sure to read the post carefully to meet all the requirements.

Not many of us pay attention to the different requirements. So many people apply for jobs without the right requirements, for example, they don’t see the industry asked for, or the experience required. This gets almost frustrating to deal with, and results in loss on both applicant and recruiter’s end.

Ever wondered, what happens to our image when we apply for the wrong vacancy? We create the impression that we are clueless, and there goes our first image, and when that is damaged, we better hope our resume is off the grid.

Carelessly applied vacancies prove to have a negative first impression, it is very important to be aware of the kind of impression we are making, when applying for jobs. This is not rocket science, “reading carefully” is the key. Evaluate and match yourself with job requirements in detail and in an honest manner (put yourself in recruiter’s shoes) and think what image will you create upon receiving your own profile for the required job? Will you short-list your profile? Will you call yourself for interview….

Lastly, what we are only considered when we apply for vacancies which match our experience. Without the right requirements, we will not be accepted. (SASHA)

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